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A GIF Player With Powerful Features

Thanks to their versatility, animated GIFs have become a very popular method of sharing reactions, messages, and low-res clips that require limited animations. That said, they can be very frustrating to view, as most photo viewers will only display a single frame of the animation. 7GIF is a multimedia player that’s made specifically for viewing GIFs, and it is equipped with tools and commands that will allow users to properly play GIFs, as well as explore its contents frame-by-frame.

Installation and Interface

7GIF requires no additional apps to install, so all the user needs is to run the installer file itself to install 7GIF. The installation process is standard and there are no additional steps needed to execute it. Its interface is simple and intuitive. It doesn’t have any unnecessary embellishments that would only serve to distract the user and bog down the app. All it has is a blank white window where the GIF would be displayed. Below the display window is a toolbar containing all of the quick commands users will need to view a GIF.


Using 7GIF, users will be able to play GIFs as they would do with videos. Users can also pause and stop GIFs at any frame, as well as set it to repeat automatically to make the loop seamless. GIFs can be zoomed in and out for the user’s viewing preferences. 7GIF can also speed up the GIF up to 8x its normal speed, but it can only slow down up to a quarter of its normal speed. For users who need to view a lot of GIFs, 7GIF has a playlist feature that can be sorted according to the user’s preferences. The app has advanced GIF editing options, as well. Users can save GIF frames into individual images with just one click. They can even set the quality level of the output images. Users can also delete the file without having to open a File Explorer window, where the file is located.

Essential for GIF Makers

Despite its very specific function, 7GIF is a tool that may people will appreciate. GIF makers will stand to benefit the most from its features as it allows them to have more control when previewing the GIFs they are making. However, people who like using GIFs will also find this app useful to have around for an easier viewing experience. All in all, it’s an unobtrusive little utility that takes up little space and works wonders when it comes to its specific function.

7GIF is a full features animated GIFs player for Windows

7GIF is a full features animated GIFs player for Windows.

Never heard of animated GIFs?

Those little sound-less videoclips, often found all over the web, usually made for funny and crazy stuff!

Windows lacks a real player for these files, this is why 7GIF was born. With 7GIF you will be able to display and play back animated GIFs and do much more as well. It also includes many options to control the animation, just like an actual media player.

With 7GIF you have full control over the animation: play, pause, repeat, frame-by-frame view, zoom, speed up/down; and a LOT of features like: frames export, fast GIFs switching, slideshow, full screen mode, Windows 7 (8 and 10) advanced taskbar features, multilanguage UI (15 languages supported), online updates and much more!


  • Simple interface
  • Easy installation
  • Lots of features


  • Limited functionality
  • Few image processing options

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7GIF for PC

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